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Restorable Workspaces

In SQL Client you can split your work into Restorable Workspaces. It means, you can easily switch between projects, and the app will remember and restore all your tabs for each workspace.

This way you can focus on the current project and stop worrying about reopening tables you will need later. You will also avoid mistakes like executing queries in production, instead of in the development server.

Astoria MySQL Client - Restorable Workspaces

Useful Context Menus

We know how small but useful things may make work more pleasant. In context menus we did put some small but often use features like:

  • copy CSV of values in column,
  • copy value,
  • copy INSERT query,
  • copy table name,
  • copy column name,
  • and more!
MySQL Client Copy Insert Query

Selecting Collations

Scrolling a huge collations list is not what we, developers, like. In SQL Client we made it easy to choose the right collation by giving you a list of collations already used in the current database.

Also filtering a list is easy, just type in a few characters, doesn't matter what order, and find the right collation in a second.

MySQL GUI Client Collations Filtering

Tables Filtering

Switching tables is probably the most used feature in SQL client apps. In Astoria SQL Client you can make it quickly, without switching between pages. Just use keyboard shortcut, type a few characters, use arrows keys to navigate and press enter key to switch to table.

Also here we implemented powerful search, where it doesn't matter in what order you typed characters, we will find what you want to find.

Linux MySQL Client Search Tables

...and more awesome things with every update!

We're still hard work to deliver you the next features you need and to make your work easier.

Feel free to contact us if there is anything we can do better!

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SQL Client SQL Client

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